In light of the holidays we want to make it possible for more people to enjoy the bliss of our Baja paradise this winter. So we are offering up 3 gifts to all the Yoga Lovers out there.

First offering is $1000 off our 26 day 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that starts on December 28th. Available only for this date and limited spaces!

Second offering is $300 off of any 2017 of our Baja 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs for first time attendees. Returning yogis get even more discounts. Contact us.

Third offering is $100 off any of our 10 day courses in 2017. 



These are Yoga Teacher Training programs, but you don't have to be a teacher or want to be a teacher to attend. Many of our students want a yogic vacation, or just to deepen their own practice. Maybe you have already attended one of our 200 hour programs in the past, remember how nice it was to be around so many like minded, high vibe people? Remember how much you learned from the other students during the teach outs? View the training with veteran eyes and see what you may have missed the first time.

No matter the reason, come play, laugh, and love with us this winter. 

These offers are available until December 31, 2016.
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