Living Yoga Alchemy: 300-hour Base Module

Are you ready to Live your Yoga? Join us for the 9 day base module of Yandara's advanced (500-hr level) Yoga Teacher Training program. During this program we delve deeper into the practices and philosophies of Yoga and the Art of Teaching. This training is designed to touch your soul! We have chosen to call this module "Living Yoga Alchemy". "Alchemy" refers to the transformation of something ordinary to something extraordinary.  

With this in mind, we continue to unravel the 3 parts that make up a Living Yoga practice: 

  • Sadhana/Spiritual practice (body) 
  • Philosophy/Study of yogic texts (mind) 
  • Bhakti/Cultivation of love (heart) 

Through the combination of these three elements, we create the alchemical body-mind-heart transformation that Yandara is known for. 

This 9 day module is a required part of Yandara's 300-hour advanced training, 2 additional modules of your choice are required.

The lead teachers for this retreat style training module are Nicolina Sandstedt, Mercy Ananda, and Shane Christopher Perkins together with the rest of our inspiring Yandara crew.

Curriculum includes the following:

get steady through Asana & Pranayama:

Learn how to integrate advanced techniques into your classes in a healthy and inspiring way. 
Elegant and Precise alignment, addressing individual differences.
Graceful Hands-on Enhancements - When, why, and how to use them.
The kramas (steps) of how to intelligently build up towards the more advanced techniques of yoga. 
Pranayama practices - a deeper exploration of many different techniques

    find stillness through Meditation:

    The physical and energetic alignment cues that ground and prepare students for deep meditation. 
    Meditation on the Koshas, or the layers of our human experience. 
    Mindfulness meditation, a three part technique combining Pratyahara (inward attention), Dharana (single pointed focus) and Dhyana (effortless meditation). 

    learn elegant sequencing methodology:

    Sequence classes that lead up to unique peak asanas. 
    Explore a variety of different themes.
    Build your own unique yoga classes with the support of Yandara's creative sequencing philosophy.

      evolve your Teaching skills:

      Advance your cueing to the more subtle layers of our being.
      Choose and present inspiring themes for your classes. 
      Plan classes according to seasons, moon phases, planetary phases, and more. 
      Add variations to make your classes more unique.

        explore Yoga life style, philosophy & mythology:

        Study of chosen sutras from ancient yogic texts
        Yogic tales from Hindu mythology and how they relate to our modern lives.
        Satya: Deepen your confidence and cultivate compassion through the practice of profound authentic communication.

          open your heart with Bhakti yoga:

          Japa Mala, chanting with 108-bead mala
          The Sacred Space: Creating a sacred space for your practice in your home and for your students. 
          Kirtan and a chance to learn how to play traditional yogic instruments, e.g., tamboura & shruti box

            learn essential anatomy & Energetics:

            How to prevent and work with the most common injuries in yoga practice
            How stress affects the body and how to counter it with yoga
            The anatomy of the energy body: koshas, nadis, vayus, microcosm/macrocosm

            stay inspired through uplifting om-work:

            In addition to the contact hours you are required to do independent study. The guidelines will be attached to your welcome letter.

            Program Details:

            Prerequisite: 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yandara yoga Institute, or other Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 
            Contact hours: 90 hours
            Non-contact hours: 10 hours
            Module Cost: $1,550 USD. The price includes tuitionmeals and accommodation. Airport transportation and study materials not included in price. Canadian residence may be eligible for a "exchange rate" scholarship, contact us for details. 

            *Please note, the travel days are the first and last day of the posted training dates. Please schedule your arrival/departure accordingly.


            At our Baja, Mexico location we offer a few different choices for accommodation.

            Deluxe Tents

            The majority of yogis that attend our Teacher Training choose to stay in our deluxe tents. These are big tents that most people are able to stand up in. Each tent has a normal twin size bed and mattress, a small set of drawers and a lamp. Bed linens are provided, but we do not provide a bath towel. Comfortable and yet still close to nature. We like to call it luxury camping. For couples we can offer a larger tent with a larger bed. We have 6 bathrooms and 5 showers on our campus.

            Yandara Cabana

            The Yandara cabana has a full size bed. This cabana does have a private bathroom.