Siddhasana | Perfect or Accomplished Pose

Siddha = perfect (also a perfected being) or power
Type of Pose: Seated (Meditation) pose

Siddhasana Benefits

• Siddhasana directs the energy from the lower psychic centers upward through the spine, stimulating the brain and calming the entire nervous system.
• Redirects blood circulation to the lower spine and abdomen, toning the lumbar region of the spine, the pelvis and the abdominal organs, and balancing the reproductive system and blood pressure.
• Stabilizes and sublimates sexual energy because of the position of the feet with respect to the genitals.


• Siddhasana should not be practiced by those with sciatica.
• For men who are interested in maintaining sexual relations (ie. with no long term commitment to celibacy), use a soft sitting support to lift the genitals high enough so that the base of the penis is not compressed. Take care to situate the heels perfectly in the midline.

Step by Step

1. From dandasana, spread your legs slightly. Bend the left knee and slide the left heel into the groin. Then release the left knee onto the floor, rotating from the hip joint. Ideally sitting the heel into the area between the genitals and the anus -(for men, the base of the penis rests against the bottom heel; for women the heel is placed against the soft tissues of the external genitals).

2. Bend the right knee and place the right foot on top of the left foot. Release the right knee onto the floor, rotating from the hip joint. Place the right ankle on top of the left ankle and tuck the right foot between the left calf and hamstrings. The placement of the bottom heel is an important aspect of Siddhasana. Adjust the body until it is comfortable and the pressure of the heel is firmly applied. Ankle bones should be touching and the heels are one above the other. Press the pubis with the top heel, directly above the genitals. (For men, the genitals will therefore lie between the two heels.

3. Place the hands in gyana mudra: lightly touching the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and extend the other three fingers. Rest the hands on the knees, palms facing up.

4. Breathe smoothly and naturally. As you hold the pose affirm mentally, “I set ablaze the fire of inner joy.” Or simply: inhale the thought “let”, exhale the thought “go”.

5. Remain in this pose and recite the mantra for as long as desired. The positions of the feet should be switched on alternate days or sittings. As a way of maintaining equilibrium, sit with the right foot on top at the beginning of the class and the left foot on top at the end.

6. To exit, slide the right foot forward off the left foot, straighten the right leg and do the same with the left leg, returning back into dandasana. Note: Siddhasana may be performed with either leg uppermost.

The position of the lower foot at the perineum presses Muladhara chakara, stimulating Mulabandha. The pressure applied to the pubic bone presses the trigger point for Swadhisthana automatically activating Vajroli/Sahajoli Mudra. These two psycho-muscular locks redirect sexual nervous impulses back up the spinal cord to the brain, establishing control over the reproductive hormones which is necessary in order to maintain Brahmacharya for spiritual purposes.

Prolonged periods in Siddhasana result in noticeable tingling sensations in the Muladhara region which may last for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is caused by a reduction in the blood supply to the area and by a rebalancing of the pranic flow in the lower Chakras. There is some concern that this trauma to the nerves can lead to impotence in men. Adjust the sitting position (using sitting supports to adjust the position of the genitials) if this is a concern.

Modifications: Many people experience discomfort due to the pressure applied where the ankles cross each other. If necessary, place a folded cloth or piece of sponge between the legs at this point. At first the pressure at the perineum may be uncomfortable to maintain but with practice it will ease.

Beginner’s Tip: Bring the left heel to sit on the right ankle bone and allow the top of the left foot to rest on the ground in front of the right foot. If this is still too difficult, place a pillow or blanket under the buttocks.

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